Wound Market Consulting


Don’t be a solution looking for a problem to solve.
How we ensure success

We increase the chances of your invention’s success by putting it through a rigorous challenge of its market relevance, competitiveness and reimbursability.

We understand what it takes to bring a product successfully to market and bring the scientific, clinical, commercial, regulatory and product development expertise of our network together to offer a bespoke service to organisations of any size to make that happen.

Intellectual Property

With our Partners we offer a cost-effective review of the IP landscape to deliver early warning of the opportunities for and threats to your IP.


Through our contacts with investors experienced in woundcare investments we can help you address the audience relevant to your technology and phase of business. We provide scientific, clinical and commercial reviews of your investment proposition.

Market Research

As wound care specialists we understand your potential markets and customers. Our extensive expertise and experience allow you to identify those key questions you need answered and evaluate their relevance to your vision for your product.


International perspective and experience applied to your product design and regulatory strategy.