Wound Market Consulting

Market Research

Deep understanding of the wound care world drives efficient research, access to key data and decision-makers and expert interpretation of results.

An early and deep understanding of the practicalities of the use and funding of your product is vital for successful product design.

Look ‘out of the box’ .... do not base your assumptions just on the market in your home country.

Current Market Monitoring

By carrying out surveys of clinicians and wound care industry experts, we can provide you with an overview of what is happening in your selected markets and alert you to trends in prescribing practice and the impact of your competitors' and Healthcare Funders' initiatives.

Surveys of Product Use

By undertaking one-off or rolling survey we can gather first-hand the opinions of the clinical and or commercial professionals who influence the success of your product in the countries of your choosing.

Available Respondents:

  • All European Countries including Russia
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Australia

Competitor Analysis

Our experience in general management, product development, regulatory and clinical research means that we bring informed and experienced eyes to the analysis of competitors’ portfolios, their pipelines and their national strategies.

We offer comprehensive marketing due diligence on all aspects of the product.