Wound Market Consulting

Market Research

Whether you are in the early stages of product design or assessing a new market opportunity, we offer a range of services for all stages of product development.

An early and deep understanding of the practicalities of the use and funding of your product is vital for successful product design.

Look ‘out of the box’ .... do not base your assumptions just on the market in your home country.

Current Market Monitoring

Surveys of clinicians and the wound care industry provide your with an overview of what is happening in your selected markets and alert you to trends in prescribing practice and the impact of your competitors’ and Healthcare Funders’ initiatives.

Available Respondents:

Competitor Analysis

Our experience in the general management of wound care businesses, in product development, regulatory and clinical research means that we bring informed and experienced eyes to the analysis of competitors' portfolios, their pipelines and their national strategies.

Bespoke Surveys – What We Deliver:

  • We gain an understanding of your product, your business & its needs.
  • Discuss & agree the right market research objectives to meet these needs.
  • Define the type & nature of the information to be gathered.
  • Propose the most effective research method/s (web, telephone, face-to-face or focus group).
  • Agree selection criteria for target respondents who are best placed to supply the information required, including the countries in which these individuals are to reside.
  • Design the survey (e.g. Questionnaire & supporting documents) taking into account matters such as clarity, language, validity, flow & bias so as to maximise the likelihood of gathering valuable & accurate responses.
  • Test/pilot the survey with test target respondent/s in each applicable language to identify any possible issues & adapt the survey if required as a result.
  • Contact target respondents, screen them to ensure that they meet the required criteria & gather their approval to undertake research with them (that is if they are not already on file in our database of respondents).
  • Conduct the surveys (quality check each & refer back to respondents if necessary for clarification of any unclear responses), transcribe (if telephone survey) & translate to chosen language (if applicable).
  • Deliver individual anonymised responses to you the client.
  • Collate, analyse and report.
  • Analyse the findings in the context of our experience of the market.


Bespoke Desk Research

Secondary 'desk' research in its many forms can also be invaluable and once again our knowledge of the industry and the sources of information available within it allows us to collect, collate, analysis and interpret the information required. Sources at our disposal include our comprehensive in-house Wound Care Industry Database, Trade Partner Database and our Reimbursement Libraries. We know where to look and what to look for so our time is efficiently spent, thus minimising the cost to you.

What we can deliver:

  • As with market research surveys we first gain an understanding of your product, your business & its needs.
  • We discuss & agree market research objectives to meet these needs.
  • Define the type & nature of the information to be gathered.
  • Mine our internal & external sources for the required information.
  • Collate, analyse & report.
  • Discuss the findings in the context of your original objectives, increasing the value of this process with augmenting this process with our knowledge of the wound care industry.