Wound Market Consulting


Health Care Funders quite properly want a rigorous evaluation of the clinical benefit and cost effectiveness of new wound care products before agreeing to reimburse them.

As wound care industry specialists we have the experience to assess your best route to reimbursement in the community or adoption in the secondary care hospital sector in Europe, Canada, USA, Latin America and Australia.

Getting reimbursement right is fundamental to Sales Growth

Community Sector

For the "Community" sector (that outside of the secondary care hospital) national or regional reimbursement lists apply in many countries. They represent the gateway to approximately 80% of the market for most wound care technologies.

WMC conducts due diligence on your product's case for reimbursement in the community and works with you to construct an effective strategy, including the generation of relevant clinical and economic data. In certain countries we can also handle the reimbursement application itself as a turn-key project.

Community Reimbursement Application Service

We REVIEW your current position. PLAN what additional documents/evidence may be required and ACTION your reimbursement application. What we deliver (typical tasks undertaken):

  • Checking the category of reimbursement to which your product is best aligned
  • Collating the documents & information you have available that may be required for reimbursement.
  • Due Diligence/Gap Analysis of product claims and clinical and economic evidence against what may be required.
  • Delivery of additional data either by you or generated by WMC.

Hospital (Secondary Care) Adoption Business Case

We work with you to deliver health-economic cases meeting purchasers’ and clinicians’ requirements.

Typical tasks:

  • Mapping local approval criteria & process
  • Due Diligence on the Value Proposition relevant to the customer's local concerns.
  • Designing local Clinical Evidence Programmes to support the application
  • Coaching local Sales Forces in the creation & use of local Business Cases.

WMC can work with you to ensure that your product is supported by a comprehensive and competitive Business Case for its adoption on to hospitals’ product formularies.