Wound Market Consulting

Medical Writing For Publication

Medical Writing for Publication

At Wound Market Consulting we provide writing for publication for clinical and scientific journals, covering both case studies and formal studies. Articles are written by clinicians and medical writers experienced in writing on wound care. We offer peer reviews from experts before final submission to the journals.

Why ask Wound Market Consulting to help you with your Wound Care Product Clinical Evidence?

Because your business can benefit from us...

  • Specialising in Wound Care and having international multi-disciplinary wound care experience from product concept to marketing through to the design of your whole programme.
  • Bringing an experienced commercial perspective to the discussion of which programme and audience will best achieve your goals.
  • Having an overview of the Wound Care Centres suitable for your studies.
  • Designing & conducting trials & evidence programmes solely in wound care, so we are aware of the opportunities & pitfalls in Wound Care Trial design, execution and the publication of final results.
  • Having a flexible hub and spoke structure which enables us to adapt to changes in your objectives and to offer a full "turn-key" service and to keep costs down.
  • Having a comprehensive range of both Market Access & Clinical Evidence services which allows us to support you through all stages of product development and enables you to select a package of services tailor made to meet your needs.